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(English) Alloy 410

(English) Alloy 410 offers superior corrosion and heat resistance, and is one of the most widely used hardenable stainless steels. Heat treated 410 has mechanical properties comparable to alloy steel 4130, coupled with the additional benefit of good corrosion resistance.






  • Press plates
  • Petrochemical equipment
  • Gate valves
  • Mining machinery
  • Distillation trays

Physical Properties

(English) Density: 0.276 lb/inch3
Melting Point: 1495°C
Modulus of Elasticity: 29 x 106
Electrical Resistivity:
343 ohm-circ mil/ft

Temperature, °C100500648.88787.77
Coefficient* of Thermal Expansion, in/in°C x 10-
Thermal Conductivity
Btu • ft/ft2 • hr • °C

Mechanical Properties

(English) Tensile Properties, Typical Annealed Condition

Tensile Strength, ksi60 – 75
0.2% Yield Strength, ksi32 – 42
Elongation, %20 – 40
Reduction of Area, %50 – 75

Heat Treated Condition – 1″ Round Bar (Oil Quenched from 982.22°C)

Tempering Temperature, °C148.88260371.11565.55621.11648.88704.44760815.55
Tensile Strength, ksi193.5188.5181.6181.4124.1117.5113.0101.896.5131.8
0.2% Yield Strength149.8148.6143.6144.7110.3103.799.184.277.988.6
Elongation, %17.017.316.816.020.821.322.023.525.019.5
Reduction of Area, %56.859.760.761.
Hardness, Brinell388388388361255235229207189257

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