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Alloy 36

Alloy 36 Welding Consumables

Alloy 36 is a nickel-iron-based low expansion alloy containing 36% nickel, designed to have minimal dimensional change over the range 0 to 500°C. It has a low coefficient of expansion from cryogenic temperatures to 260°C.


Its uses are in measuring devices, laser components, bi-metallic thermostats, cryogenic components and tooling or dies for composite production. The weld consumable is designed for fabrication of alloy 36 to optimise the properties in the weld metal deposit and to provide freedom from solidification cracking.


K93600, K93601, K93602, K93603




Element Ni Fe C Mn P S Si Cr Mo Co
MIN % 35.00 - - - - - - - - -
MAX % 37.00 Bal 0.10 0.60 0.025 0.025 0.35 0.03 0.50 0.50

Size Availability

Product Size Availability
MIG Wires 0.045” diameter on 12.5 kg spools
TIG Wires 1.6 & 2.4mm diameter in 10 kg packages


  • Ensure that any oxide layer is removed from the plate in the weld zone prior to welding to at least 25 mm away from weld and ensure that the weld zone is clean, free of grease cutting fluids, marking crayon, paints etc.
  • Clean weld zone area with acetone or other suitable degreaser.
  • Ensure only tools used on Stainless or Nickel Alloys are used.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

For the best dimensional stability Alloy 36 should be stress relieved after welding, either by annealing at temperatures 360°C to 860°C, with the higher temperatures giving the greatest relief. For best dimensional stability, heat at 830°C for 30mins, water quench, heat at 300°C for 1 hour, air cool then heat at 100°C for 30mins and furnace cool.

Alloy 36 will discolour with an oxide layer and suitable methods of removal after heat treatment are advised.

Typical Parameters

The following parameters have been found to be suitable for thicker >8mm work pieces. For thinner sections a lower amperage in the range 130 to 200A should be used.

Parameter Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
Weld Preparation 70-75 Included Angle 70-75 Included Angle
Shielding Gas 100% Argon at 0.7 m3/Hr 98% Argon 2% Oxygen at 1.4 m3/Hr
Voltage 21V 24V
Amperage 220 Amps 230Amps
Polarity DC Electrode Negative DC Electrode Positive
Travel Speed 20 cm/min 30 cm/min

All processing parameters are typical and should be adjusted as necessary to optimise weld quality.

To ensure vacuum tight welds use GTAW for first 4 passes and complete fill with MIG welding.

Typical Properties

Base Material:
Min 0.2%PS – 240MPa, Min TS – 450MPa, Min Elongation – 42%
Weld Metal:
0.2%PS – 275MPa, TS – 480MPa, Elongation - 24 %
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